Bid for Power

Bid For Power (BFP) is a total conversion mod for Quake III Arena. To play, you must have the full version of Quake III Arena installed. The game has been in development for about 3 years now, and started out as a DragonBallZ mod. However FUNimation sent them a letter, basically saying "Don't use the DBZ characters, or we'll sue.". And so you would think that BFP was ended without DBZ stuff in it... not true. The team made up new characters, and damn fine ones. They don't compare to DBZ character's, but I'll get onto that later.

In BFP you choose one of six characters, then fight! Ki is your lifeforce (energy), and is drained by many things - attacking, flying, boosting, melee and so on. Player Level is how powerful your character is. There are 5 tiers of power, each offering a few advantages. PL is gained by killing other players. For instance on PL2, you only have 2 attacks to choose from, and low Ki level, and low speed, strenght etc. PL4 you have 4 attacks, and you are faster and so on. When you go from PL4 to PL5, if the character has a special animation it will show up - like the character turning Super Saiya-Jin, and the aura that normally surrounds the player changes from red to yellow.

There are three types of attacks - energy, homing and beam. Energy attacks are things like Ki Storm, or Ki Blast and so on. Homing attacks are missiles that can home in on the player. Beam attacks, like KameHameHa are powered up then released, then blown up for a devastating effect :). Melee combat is handled well, by hitting the melee key you can attack a player, and if you are pointing at them and close to them, you will Zanzoken (teleport) next to them. If melee is pressed in combination with the Boost key, and you hit a player, it has an effect of stunning them for a few seconds. This gives you valuable time to fly up into the air, spin 180 and Ki Storm them :) very speccy, I can assure you. Another situation is power struggle. When two beam attacks hit each other, like KameHameHa and Final Flash Attack, the two lock on and the player who can put the most Ki into the attack wins. Very spectacular to watch, and great fun.

Bid For Power has great sound effects, and wonderful maps, bringing back memories of the series and movies. The characters are well done, but the community that supports BFP is wonderful, as the many talented artists, modellers, skinners and mappers who support BFP work hard to get good quality stuff done. As I write this, there is about 50-60 custom models available to be played in BFP, from Goku to a sweet model, Chibi Goku and Chibi Vegeta, who instead of turning Super Saiya-Jin fuse into Gogeta :) wonderful stuff. There are many custome maps as well, like Kame House and so on. Many of the custom maps and models have custom sounds, and for the characters attacks. So Goku can perform Kaioken and Spirit Bomb :D looks good too!

I've probably missed a lot out of this game, but if you own Quake 3 and want to live the DBZ experience, then download Bid For Power now! It really is a terrific mod, and is backed up by a wonderful community. What are you waiting for? Get out there and play!

Bid for Power (Protected Download)

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