Dragonball Rules

1. Must gather all seven dragonballs.
2. Chant required.
3. Only one wish per summoning of Shenlong.
4. After the wish is made, Shenlong will disappear, the dragonballs will turn to stone and scatter themselves; they will remain stone for one year.
5. The Shenlon cannot grant any wishes that are beyond the powers of the creator of the dragonballs.
6. You can revive anyone or any group of people who fit a certain criteria, if they did not die of natural causes.
7. If a person has been revived by Shenlong before, the person cannot be revived again.

BlackStar Dragonballs

B lackstar dragonballs are different then the normal dragonballs. As the name says they have blackstars instead of orangestars. They are also much more powerfull than the normal dragonballs, because they were made by god before he sepperated from Picollo. Another different thin is that the dragon that appears out of the dragonballs
is red instead of the usual green one.

BlackStar Dragons

1. Ii Shenron
Ii Shenron was made from the 1 Star Dragonball when everyone wished everyone back after the fight with Buu. He was the strongest of all the Evil Shenrons, and grew even stronger when he absorbed all of the other Dragonballs. It took a battle with Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Goku's Chou-GenkiDama to kill him off.

2. Ryan Shenron
Ryan Shenron was made from the 2 Star Dragonball when they wished Bora back in Dragonball. His main power is from pollution and is tricked into swimming with clean water. After he was weakened he is killed by Goku and Pan

3. San Shenlong
San Shenron was made from the 3 Star Dragonball.

4. Shi Shenron
Shi Shenron was made from the 4 Star Dragonball. His power is from the Sun and is cooled down and killed by Goku.

5. Uu Shenron
Uu Shenron was made from the 5 Star Dragonball. His power is from electricity and grows when he absorbs it.

6. Ryuu Shenron
Ryuu Shenron was made from the 6 Star Dragonball. Her power is from wind and whirlwinds.

7. Chii Shenron
Chii Shenron was made from the 7 Star Dragonball. His main power is Earthquakes. He is killed by Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Pan.

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