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Super Saiyan Jin 1

This is first level of supersaiyan, the hair and eyebrows are changed to blond/yellow also are much stronger. Eyes color is Green, when you are in this form also mucles are little bigger than before. And also who transform into supersaiyan form he is much faster. Goku was first in 1000 years who transformed into this form against Frieza. Aura color is Yellow also in this form. And who can do this transformation : Goku,Gohan,Vegeta,Trunks,Goten,Gotenks,Vegitto,Gogeta,Brolly.

Super Saiyan Jin 2

Super saiyan 2 level is much better than first level, hairs are little taller and color is maybe little darker. But speed is much better than before and power level too. Eyes and eyebrows color is still same. Gohan was first who transformed to super saiyan level 2 against Cell. And who can do this transformation : Gohan,Goku,Vegeta,Gotenks(not 100% sure).

Super Saiyan Jin 3

This is last and best SSJ form in DBZ. Powerlevel is VERY huge when someone is in this form. The hair are much taller than before, and eyebrows are gone. Hair color is very light yellow, Goku was first who transformed to this form. And who can do this transformation : Goku,Gotenks.

Super Saiyan Jin 4(DBGT)

This form is just only in DragonBall GT, this is also very nice transformation. Hair color is red, and this Saiyan who transform to SSJ4 form must have transformed Oozaru. Tail color is red, powerlevel is much more than SSJ3 form. Also, first must "learn" Golden Oozaru form to transform this form. And who can do this transformation : Goku,Vegeta,Gogeta.

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