The Spice Boys The spice boys are garlic junior's henchmen. They are pretty strong. But Gohan proves to be much stronger and he is the one who kills them all. Garlic junior is their leader and is very powerful.

Garlic Junior is a small guy who is both evil and intelligent. He resembles a blue dwarf with big pointed ears, but he is an evil being with keen mental powers and devilish plans to take over the universe. He can, and does, transform into a large monstrous tyrant. His biggest desire is to destroy the Namekian guardian of Earth, Kami, one of the wisest and purest beings ever. In this way, he can rule the Earth. Garlic's father had competed for the position of Earth guardian but he was stopped by Kami who discovered his evil intentions. Garlic Junior was granted immortality by the Eternal Dragon Shenron after collecting Earths seven Dragon Balls. But he is locked in the Dead Zone, a black void he created. Garlic Junior is from the Makyo Star, and his power level is proportionate to the Makyo Star's distance. Thus when the Makyo Star nears Garlic Junior, his power is increased and he bursts forth from the Dead Zone to once again put Earth in peril.

The Spice Boys consist of four evil warriors who are under the command of Garlic Junior. They are strong, brave, evil, and totally devoted to Garlic Junior. They give the saga a bit of a comical edge with their names: Mustard, Spice, Salt and Vinegar. The leader is Spice, a white-headed villain and the most handsome of the four. Salt is a short and stubby orange-colored rogue. Both Vinegar and Mustard are large, brawny, muscle men. They are all killed by Gohan


A short, red crony of Garlic Junior. He wears Mongolian style clothing, and is a little shorter than Gohan. Salt is fairly weak, and is one of the first to die in the garlic jr. saga.

Spice: One of Garlic Junior's cronies when he returns in the anime. This dude is pretty tough and he's one of the last guys to die. Like Garlic Jr. he receives more power when the Makyo Star nears Earth.

Mustard: Mustard is one of four evil warriors who are under the command of Garlic Jr. Mustard is a large, brawny, muscled warrior. He fights Krillin, but was destroyed by Gohan for almost killing Krillin.

Vinegar: Vinegar is the biggest of the four henchmen of Garlic Jr. He is large, brawny, and very muscular compared to the other three henchmen. He's very arrogant and power-hungry when it comes to fighting. Nevertheless, Vinegar is killed by Gohan when he attempts to prevent Gohan from saving Krillin.

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