Capsule Corporation Spaceship

Capsule Corporation Spaceship is very fast spaceship goku used this to arrive planet Namek. Vegeta used this to go other planet to reach super saiyan form. Dr.Briefs. is author of this spaceship.

DragonBall Radar

Dragonball radar is like "dragonball sercher", if the person who had the radar is pretty close at the dragonballs, the dragonball appears to dragonballradar. Porungas and Shenrons both can see at the dragonball radar. Goku and other characters use this to find all seven dragonballs, author of this creation is Bulma.

Potara Earring

Potaro Earrings is like "fusion", its been "kais secret weapon" but in Fusion saga the Elder Kai teach to Goku how to use the potara earrings. The power of potara fusion is better than fusion dance, once you use those rings, there is no way to unfuse, those 2 people will be stucked forever to thath form. Except Goku and Vegeta Buu absorbed them so unfuse happened automatically in the Buus body.

PowerLevel Scouter

This scouter scans the enemys powerlevel, but it may not give the true powerlevel of enemy if enemy is hiding own powerlevel. Also this scouter isn't very enduring. It can scout like max 25k and it will destroy. Frieza and hes mens used this scouter to scan the enemies powerlevel. Also saiyan race used this when they exist long ago then. Bulma used this also to see Goku's powerlevel at planet earth on Saiyan Saga.

Gravity Room

Goku and Vegeta has used this "gravity room" to train. Goku trained on 100x gravity what mean thath its 100x times difficulter to walk/sit up. Person who enter to gravity room can die easily. This is also very good way to train.

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